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When the message matters, 

When HOW you say it is more important than what you say, 

We make sure your audience not only reads your message,

But also wants to read it.

At Circumference Communication, we apply our writing experience and research of how readers interact with the page and screen to produce documents that are easily read.

Our expertise focuses on high risk and longer documents that require the reader's attention. Such documents include business plans, marketing plans, and manuals. We examine your competitive climate, becoming experts in your culture and environment. We construct engaging documents that speak to your target audience's requirements and preferences.

Though we specialize in long-form, research-driven documents, our diverse writing experiences include Web content construction, marketing pieces, layout and design, editing, and a host of other writing services. if it involves words, in inspires us. People view the screen differently than they read the page, and they read the page differently now than they did a decade ago. We therefore apply the last in visual grammar and rhetoric to make sure your readers interact with your message no matter what medium they encounter it in.

We have also applied the principles of enticing, persuasive writing to ghostwriting books. When a book supports a seminar or other speaking situation, it is important that the book reflects the author's speaking and conversational voice.

Recognizing the need for quality writers in organizations and business, we offer instruction and consulting to improve your own writing talents or the writing skills of your employees.

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