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In business, how you say it is more important than what you say.

Employees listen or don't listen, are motivated or not motivated, productive and not productive, based on their reaction to your communication style.

Your team also struggles with miscommunication.

And think of the impact your body language, tone, document layout, and phrasing has on current and potential clients.

Can you afford to stumble, stammer, and confuse your listeners and readers?

Circumference Communications brings together the whole sphere of communication skills to dramatically increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your team, thus saving your organization money and headaches.

We also work with you increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and sales efforts to attract new customers and increase the loyalty of your current customers.

In short, when how your and your team communicate generates revenue, you will know that your message is being heard.

Training Programs:

Be Heard: Make Sure Your Prospects are Listening:
This half-day, full-day, or two-day seminar explains the fundamentals of presenting ourselves visually to our customers and potential customers. Learn the secrets of room position and the hand motions that keep your audience involved in what your are saying. The two-day seminar gives participants the opportunity to practice what they've learned and receive immediate feedback from their audience.

Be Heard in the Office:
This half-day or full-day seminar gives supervisors and mid-level managers insights into what motivates and demotivates their team. More than a basic management seminar, participants learn how to use their position in the room, body language, tone, even wording techniques to get their teams to not only perform, but to also want to perform.

Be Heard by Your Customers:
Much of customer service is perception. This half-day or full-day seminar instructs front-line and customer service professionals on the art of finessing customers, especially in moments of crisis and complains. Participants learn skills to avoid caving to customer demands; even better, they learn how to get customers to agree to a compromise and feel good about it. Your goal is to keep the customers you have, and to intensify their loyalty to your organization.

The Successful Medical Office:
When we place too much emphasis on processes and procedures, we restrict and constrict the relationships among our team members and clients. This one-day seminar is deigned for Medical Office Managers who must keep their bosses happy while motivating the front office and support personnel. Office manager can be an overwhelming and thankless position, but with some minor changes in leadership style and communication techniques, you'll find you have less stress and may even get home before dark in the summer.

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