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Welcome to the Jonathan Peters, Ph.D Blog

Are you at the bar?


Think back ten years... to when you were in middle school. Remember what the cafeteria looked like back then. All the boys sat on one side of the cafeteria, and all the girls on the other side.

And isn’t it true we still do that today?

I spend a lot of time in bars, not because I have a problem, but because I don’t want to eat at the lonely table. I want to be where there are people I can speak with.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that all the men sit at the bar, and all the women sit at tables away from the bar.

Now can we assume that some of those men came to the bar to meet women? And that some of the women came there to meet men? But neither one has positioned themselves to actually meet and talk with the opposite sex.

The point of this blog is not dating; instead, the big question is are you where your customers are?

Think of who you hang out with, who you converse with, what events you attend, and so on. Is that were potential customers are? Or do the people there look like you?

Where are your customers? Where are the people who influence them? Go to those places.

But don’t just hang around waiting for someone to ask you to dance. Place yourself where they can talk with you, hear you speak, and get your opinion about things.

And if there is an attraction, give them the number of your agent.

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