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Sample Training Programs

  • WOO Selling: Imagine prospects wanting your product... They're coming to you, instead of you doggedly chasing after them. Imagine learning techniques that not only make you attractive to prospects, but that also convert them into long-term and loyal customers. Perhaps now is the time to commit to change, and begin to enjoy the rewards of top salespeople.

    It's easy to implement a few key strategies, apply simple persuasion techniques, attract customers into a conversation that evolves naturally into a significant relationships.
  • Present, Persuade, Profit: Whether speaking to clients, presenting before prospects, or simply sharing a message, your team must understand the principles of persuasive presentations. Learn to compel audiences to take action and make changes. How will you construct your presentation so that audience not only listen, but take action?
  • Be Read: Copywriting that Attracts, Connects, and Get's Results: Do the words in your marketing collateral grab your readers and guide them to take the actions you're wanting? Forget about what you were taught in school; this program shares the secrets of the most successful copywriters. Learn to write the way they write, and witness the results.
  • Be Correct: Mistake Free Grammar and Proofreading: One typo can destroy a message, ruin a reputation, or cause a loss of opportunity.

    Misunderstanding and not knowing a grammatical rule can make us look silly, stupid, or incompetent. The good news is you don't have to sit through a boring grammar class to refresh your grammatical knowledge, learn how language has changed since high-school, or understand why those typos appear in the first place.
  • Be Read: Advanced Business Writing: What you learned in school doesn't apply to the real world. If you write the way you were taught, you'll confuse your team, lose customers, and bore potential customers. Unlearn what you were taught in school to create copy that is read by your team, customers, and prospects.

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