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Marketing and the 16 Motivators

Buying decisions are mostly made subconsciously. The Reiss Motivation Profile helps marketing professionals identify stimuli for their target audience, and thus set in motion the chain of subconscious buying impulses.

Each of us has an internal reward system, and we seek to satisfy our core desires. The pursuit and fulfillment of individual values is directly reflected in the things one desires.
Thus, our Motivation Profile will determine what products we buy, how much we buy, and what we are willing to pay to satisfy our motivators.

The problem is our Motivation Profile is unique to us. If a company does not market to our Motivation Profile, we will not respond positively.

Conversely, when we put our marketing plan together, we usually appeal to our own motivators. But what happens if our motivators are not their motivators. We will be ineffective in our marketing. Worse, we may actually be pushing people away.

How much better to align your brand with the Motivation Profile of your target consumer? Once this happens, the consumer can identify with the brand, become loyal to it, and thus begin a word-of-mouth campaign on behalf of the brand. (Ever met a loyal Apple buyer?)

The Reiss Motivation Profile can be used as a marketing instrument to link qualitative insights with quantitative data to establish a brand and build a loyal following. Value-oriented marketing can unlock significant new potential in core areas, such as:

  • emotional brand positioning
  • value-based target group segmentation
  • adaptation of creative mission statements, marketing messages and campaigns
  • selection of suitable sponsorship and co-branding partners

The Reiss Motivation Profile offers an operative basis for value-oriented marketing. It shows how and why stimuli affect subconscious decision processes. At the same time, it offers an explicit strategic approach and a quantitative method of measurement to position brands on an emotional level. This translates into coherent brand communication.

Which means, when we speak to their motivators, we will be successful in our marketing.

To explore your marketing options with the Reiss Motivation Profile, contact Jonathan directly at JP@JonathanPetersPhD.com

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