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How is the Reiss Motivation Profile Different?

How is the Reiss Motivation Profile different from personality tests and profiles?
In a word: science.

The Reiss Motivation Profile is the only personality tool that addresses the underlying causes of human behavior, and therefor gets to the fundamental aspects of individual personality.

The concept that there are four basic personality types and combinations thereof comes from the mysticism of Carl Jung in the early twentieth century, though the notion probably goes even further back to the ancient Greeks.

If you’ve gone through one of the personality tests, they certain feel right. You might be sociable, exacting, detailed, or caring. But isn’t it also true that you sort of align with your astrological sign?

And how do you apply this categorization to marketing, helping others reach their goals, motivating a workforce, or anything else in business and marketing? Maybe you can now communicate better wither different people, but you don't know how they are motivated, nor can you anticipate their decision making process.

Dr. Stephen Reiss’s work encompasses a dataset of over 80,000 from cultures throughout the world. His findings have been discussed in more than 2,000 peer-reviewed scholarly articles in prestigious journals. The US Military, education systems, and other entities use his profiles. Even sports teams and coaches see the value in understanding the 16 Motivators.

The Reiss Motivation Profile also takes into account current scientific research into motivation and neuroscience. With its solid empirical foundation and verified database, it stands out from the mass of personality profiles and tests.

Where other tests identify types, the Reiss Motivation Profile places the individual center stage. Unlike other profiles, it analyzes and predicts behavior. Because of its deep penetration, scientific precision, and the stability of its results, the Reiss Motivation Profile is an efficient analytical tool.

The Reiss Motivation Profile® does not seek to categorize or label people. Instead, it identifies who you are and why you do what you do. Your Motivation Profile describes you at a fundamental level. It defines your personality and why you make the choices you do.

About Dr. Reiss

Professor Emeritus Steven Reiss, PhD studied at Dartmouth College, Yale University, and Harvard Medical School. When he retired in 2009, he was Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at Ohio State University and director of the Nisonger Center for Mental Retardation. 

His research on psychological needs, motivation, and susceptibility to fear, as well as his influence on the scientific world, has been recognized by five academic and scholarly awards. He has published 80 articles and three reference works which have been translated into many languages. According to the Social Science Citation Index, he is one of the most frequently quoted psychologists in the US. 
But it was a personal experience that led Steven Reiss to take a scientific approach to motivation. After recovering from a life-threatening illness, he asked,“Who am I?”

Following in the tradition of Maslow, Allport, and Murray, Reiss understood that basic desires are the key to understanding behavior. So he laid down an empirical foundation for motivational research. Working with a team of researchers, he carried out a series of studies involving more than 2,500 testees from a variety of age and ethnic groups, and employment backgrounds. Using these results as his basis, he developed the Reiss Motivation Profile, which delivers superior levels of validity. Today the RMP is used by organization and government agencies throughout the world.

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