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Business Coaching and Consulting

If each of us has a unique Motivation Profile, does it make sense that coaching and consulting should follow a cookie-cutter approach? What if you knew exactly what motivated your client? Could you then work with their motivators to help them achieve their goals and be successful in business?

To effectively coach others, you must be clear about their Motivation Profile. More important, you must first understand your own Motivation Profile so that you are not placing your values on your clients, thus pushing them away.

Once you have self-knowledge and a complete picture of your clients’ Motivation Profile, you can work with them within their unique life perspective.

Better yet, when you know their Motivation Profile, you can predict conflicts they will face, struggles and mistakes they’ll make in business, and the decisions they will make along the way. You will have an opportunity to appeal to higher motivators to avoid pitfalls. And your advice will be constructed in such a way that motivates them.

Your clients will be impressed by how quickly they achieve success following your guidance. They will appreciate that you speak with them using their language. Most important, they’ll feel like you understand them and they’ll trust you give them advice.

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