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16 Motivators

Have you ever tried to…..

  • Share something amazing with someone
  • Send out a marketing message
  • To motivate an employee

…and it didn’t work? Not only did they not respond the way you thought they should, but maybe your efforts had the opposite effect.

What did you do? Become more forceful? Try to be logical? Reason with them?

The thing is they probably aren’t motivated the same way you are. The harder you try to motivate others the way you are motivated, the more frustrated you’ll become and the less successful you’ll be.

Wouldn’t it be better to understand what motivates them, appeal to their motivators, and speak their language in a manner that causes them to want to listen to you, buy from you, follow your instructions?

The problem is we don’t naturally perceive the motivation of others. We naturally believe that what motivates us not only SHOULD motivate others, but that IT DOES motivate them.

And that’s not the case at all…

The 16 Basic Desirs
Yes, we do have 16 Basic Desires in common. What is different, what makes us unique, is the intensity and combination of these desires in each of us. Once you understand your Motivation Profile, you can begin working more effectively with others. Better yet, you can anticipate where there will be conflict between you and others, and possible weaknesses in your marketing, sales, and leadership efforts.

Can you imagine what you would do with this information? What if you knew how a person makes a buying decision? What if you could predict an employee’s behavior? What if you could anticipate conflicts and opportunities in your life?

The good news is the hard-work has been done for you. A simple 128-question test will reveal your Motivation Profile. Once you have this knowledge, you will become aware of your blindspots, and you’ll be able to perceive the motivators of those around you or the people you wish to market to and persuade.

What about your team? What if you knew the Motivation Profile of each team member? Isn’t it true you could then make sure the right person is in the position? You wouldn’t have to keep haranguing the problem employee. You’d know where they should be positioned and how to motivate them to perform.

The applications are endless:

Are you ready today to understand the 16 Motivators? Click Here to contact Jonathan directly discuss your goals and to get your profile. 

Not quite ready to make that decision? That’s okay. Maybe you are highly motivated by Tranquility and Acceptance. More than 80,000 people have taken the Reiss Motivation Profile in cultures around the world. What they found is that they can now work better with the people in their lives and better manage their surroundings. Even the US Military used the Reiss Motivation Profile to anticipate who will likely suffer from PTSD.

Or maybe you’re High-Curiosity motivated and would like to know about the science behind the Reiss Motivation Profile. Click here to see just a small sample of the more than 2,000 peer-reviewed, scientific articles that have been published in some of the most prestigious scholarly journals. Or consider these points:

  • Test-Retest-Reliability: The four-week Test-Retest-Reliability of the 16 scales scores between 0.69 and 0.88, internal consistency using Cronbachs Alpha – between 0.71 and 0.92. 
  • Validity:  The 16 scales show high levels of concurrent and criterion-related validity.
  • Social desirability: Checked using Marlowe-Crowne Social Desirability Scale (MCSDS), the social desirability is under three percent.
  • Want more? Check this out

Are you motivated by Savings? How much money and effort are you currently wasting on untargeted marketing, misapplied persuasion efforts, or ineffective managerial practices? Wouldn’t it be better to invest now so that you can save money and effort later? Tell you what, contact me at jp@JonathanPetersPhD.com and we’ll work something out.Maybe your just contentious. You believe you've already heard this before. No, the Reiss Motivation Profile is not like all the other profiles out there. Unlike your basic personality styles, The RMP has real science behind it. To learn more about that and Dr. Reiss, click here.

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The 16 Motivators

  1. Acceptance, the need for approval
  2. Beauty, the need for aesthetically-appealing environment
  3. Curiosity, the need to understand
  4. Eating, strength of interest in food
  5. Expedience, motivation to take practical advantage of opportunities
  6. Family, the need to spend time with family
  7. Idealism, the need to improve society
  8. Interdependence, motivation to rely on others
  9. Order, the need to be organized
  10. Physical Activity, the need for exercise
  11. Power, the need to lead
  12. Saving, the need to collect
  13. Social Contact, the need for friends
  14. Status, the need for prestige
  15. Tranquility, the need to play it safe
  16. Vengeance, strength of competitive spirit

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